Monday, 15 April 2013

It's A Dog eat Dog World

I didn't steal my fathers t-shirt! I wouldn't do that! I just borrowed it for a long time until it was his cupboards distant memory...  The three reasons it was "borrowed" was 1) It's black (who doesn't love black?) 2) It has the words "rock star" printed onto it.. (wanted to be famous for my whole existence!!) 3) It's baggy (covers my fat and whatnot..)

So I got my madly pattern shorts and my purple Doc's "thunder" and "lightning" (naming shoes is a normal thing!) and went outside in the FREEZING cold! Not to mention it was so windy I was surprised I wasn't blown off my feet before my dog actually tackled me off my feet... It's a bit crazy but enjoyyy!

My poses are something!

And this is the part where my dog 'Lily' comes in a ruins my photo taking spree...

same colour hair

Down girl..

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Sunday, 14 April 2013

What Can I Do With A Drunken Sailor?

This outfit reflects the simplistic side of me.. I like my purple pastel high waisted jeans as they cover my tummy slightly. (obscuring it from view) I have always tried to do a successful up-do but It never goes well with my massive head. I tried one today and it didn't look really bad but it wasn't exactly a success....

.....I will keep on trying though!!
always looking down...

don't even ask

My poses are defiantly something..

Me and ma boyf

gotta love the curtain

do it like a celeb 

Hope you like

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Moves like Jagger

I have undoubtedly improved my eyeliner skills and I'm quite happy with my eyes this time! As you can tell I like my "emo" scarf, I have had it ever since I was little. I like the simplicity of this outfit and the fact the Aztec print leggings make the blacks stand out and "POP!"
I had to add the glasses to add a Mick Jagger vibe even though Keith.R is on my T-shirt (they are both stones and legends so it really doesn't matter)

Hope you like this outfittt!!!


Backpack <3

close your eyes, lie down, sleep

My Aztec print leggings

My backpack
Hope you like

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Work A Day

 I have never actually had a proper job in my life but I'm only young and my days of being jobless will soon disperse into the sunset... I was experimenting with eyeliner and although the pictures make it look like I have smeared black junk across my face (I did) It looked quite nice when I was looking in the mirror.. I guess everyone has to try different things to see if it works on them or not...

In this outfit the black stripes from the jeans match well with the striped texture of the jumper. I think the two whites-from the shirt and the trousers- also work together quite well and they make my hair look even more oranger (not a word according to spell check) then it actually is...
So enjoy my Work A Day look, fresh from the catwalk! (my bedroom)


little pose

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Love Jade


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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Animalistic self

Usually I am all for covering myself up but as it's nearing summer i'm trying to lose my tummy and start being brave with my clothing choices! I had a big baggy jumper with an elastic hem and it made me look like I was 4 stone bigger than I actually was... So I cut it up and now It's a crop kinda top:) Ps. I was going for the scruffy look:))!

Love the colour..

ready for my close up...

yummm, eye liner <3

Don't even ask what pose I am doing?!?!


I like the flag, I am not american though

whats the time miss wolf


I bought the the jumper from Topshop
The watch is an "ice watch" they are really pretty <3
The found the shorts on ebay!

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Colouring Crayons

I am comic obsessed. I always have the same argument with myself, Marvel or D.C? It's kind of saddening that I have so much knowledge on "comics" and "movies" and that I sometimes skip the chance to go partying because I want to have movie marathon with my parents...

Lets move on from my lack of social life...I wanted to start the blog with a simple outfit... so TADA!!

The back!

Full shot of skirt

Cheeky hiding..

little jump;)

Be different....
                                 ...........Don't let others get you down

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