Thursday, 11 April 2013

Work A Day

 I have never actually had a proper job in my life but I'm only young and my days of being jobless will soon disperse into the sunset... I was experimenting with eyeliner and although the pictures make it look like I have smeared black junk across my face (I did) It looked quite nice when I was looking in the mirror.. I guess everyone has to try different things to see if it works on them or not...

In this outfit the black stripes from the jeans match well with the striped texture of the jumper. I think the two whites-from the shirt and the trousers- also work together quite well and they make my hair look even more oranger (not a word according to spell check) then it actually is...
So enjoy my Work A Day look, fresh from the catwalk! (my bedroom)


little pose

Song for this post: Hi rez: smiling:

Love Jade


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