Monday, 15 April 2013

It's A Dog eat Dog World

I didn't steal my fathers t-shirt! I wouldn't do that! I just borrowed it for a long time until it was his cupboards distant memory...  The three reasons it was "borrowed" was 1) It's black (who doesn't love black?) 2) It has the words "rock star" printed onto it.. (wanted to be famous for my whole existence!!) 3) It's baggy (covers my fat and whatnot..)

So I got my madly pattern shorts and my purple Doc's "thunder" and "lightning" (naming shoes is a normal thing!) and went outside in the FREEZING cold! Not to mention it was so windy I was surprised I wasn't blown off my feet before my dog actually tackled me off my feet... It's a bit crazy but enjoyyy!

My poses are something!

And this is the part where my dog 'Lily' comes in a ruins my photo taking spree...

same colour hair

Down girl..

Song: Marina and the Diamonds (We are her Diamonds!!) "How to be a heart breaker":


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